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Thread: Uploading > 3ookb, Downloading < 1kb

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    Hello guys,
    I have tried everything, the tip where you start the download then search again, didn&#39;t work, and I am still unclear on tha tby the way, do I just search again and then leave it at that?
    I jumped supernodes endlessly...nothing.
    I even tried following the step by step zupernodes thing...still nothing...anyone?

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    Have you tried hunting for viruses (using AV software updated in the last week) and trojans (using SpyBot seek and destroy v1.2 or later)?

    Have you put LIMITS on how fast your connection TRIES to upload to prevent crippling the download speeds? This is settable in KL++&#39;s advanced menu -- warning, the value is in kilobits/sec NOT KiloBYTES/sec&#33;


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