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Thread: Anyone Read Palahnuik?

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    Chuck Palahuink is a writer that expresses these modern times, not to mention all our generation's angst. Personally other than Fight Club, I found both Survivor and Invisisble Monsters to be extremely good books. He has an odd way of just making our lives and beliefs look like total crap.

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    I really enjoyed the movie. It's movies like that, that lead you one way and then twist it around, that are really worth watching (and owning). So I'd be interested in reading the book.

    Maybe I'll pick it up next time I go to the paperbacks place... it's huge, and they're all used, $2-$4 per book. At that price, I don't mind paying $20-$30 and walking out with 5-7 books, even if I give them away or leave them at the lending library at work. One week I read 5 books in one week!


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