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Thread: Shareaza Verifieds

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    anyone know a sit with shareaza verified fies?

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    Originally posted by shoutman@16 December 2003 - 05:54
    anyone know a sit with shareaza verified fies?
    Yep you can use verified hash sites like that have ed2k links, shareaza automaticaly converts the ed2k links to the equilivent magnent links for it's own gnutella 2 network, the links will activate the edonkey network but you can turn the access off in the network tab.

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    there is also which is like a search engine which does edonkey, magnet, n kazaa links and shareraza

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    There's always, it's not exactly verified, but I've never gotten a fake torrent yet.

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    Try out you have to register, it has ed2k, magnet, and piolet links (shareaza supports piolet links too). has edonkey links searches the ed2k network for files and gives you the ed2k hash.


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