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Thread: Bf 1942?

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    hey guys,

    i recently downloaded Battlefield_1942.CD1.FLT.ShareReactor.bin and FLT-BFD2.bin , converted the first one to an .iso, and burned it to the cd. then when i try to install it, i get a bunch of different erors. One relating to the medium (wtf is that) and the wrong .cab file. Then, i went over to best buy to check out how much it was cuz i was going to go ahead and buy it, then i realized that it said the game came with only one disc. Is best buy wrong, or am i doing something wrong.please, anyone who has gotten these files to work tell me how,

    tanks alot,


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    why post 4 times??????

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    I downloaded the same discs and burned them, and got loads of errors when installing....i ignored the errors and the game worked....except sometimes it would crash to the desktop when loading a level.

    The downloads are probably corrupted, though as it turns out there are loads of bugs in the game.....crashing to the desktop being one of them.

    I'm sure they're wrong saying the game is only on one CD.

    I think there is a patch to fix some of the bugs, though from what i've heard some still need fixing.

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    It took me 4 different times to download these two discs. Finnally after several different tries I finally got a set that had 0 errors and the game works flawlessly. Go to and find their veriffied games in a can and use the links from there. Took me a few tries but finally got them.

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    thanks guys

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    the game is 2 discs, I bought the game about 2 months ago. but the new add-on disc, Road to Rome is only 1 disc. and there is a bug that crashes to the desktop at anytime during the game, it has something to do with Sound card drivers.....EAX to be exact, the game dev's knmow about it and are working to resolve the prob.....


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