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Thread: Speaker Manufacture?

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    Hi all,

    Want to get new pair of speaking well, 2:1 ... (2 sattalites with subwoofer, whats the good names to go for please?, but not to expensive either.

    Is LabTect any good? ..... damn, im tired sorry if this sounds all wrong, lol.

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    I like altec lansing but, you can go by price are speakers, whatever

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    Thank you
    Well, I only want to spend 35 max as anything will be better then my current crappy 2 speaker set up which has less audio quality then a bee farting in a tin can.
    Theres a labtec 2:1 for 30 in pc world .. reckon there quite good?

    I just want some feel to my music B)

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    Get your self a Bose system B)

    extremely expensive

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    Im a fan of cambridge soundworks, incredibly good speakers and very powerful, i have a 30 watt sub that could tear your throat out with bass, but I have had an amp of theirs die on me, so be warned

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    I have Logitech z-540's.They are a four speaker setup but these might be what you are looking for.Mine sound awesome and I have played around with the 340's before and they sound almost as good.
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    Originally posted by muchspl2@16 December 2003 - 08:27

    I like altec lansing but, you can go by price are speakers, whatever
    altec lansing here too
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