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Thread: Broadband Fast?

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    I'm not sure if this goes here? But I just got broadband and I here everyone say its so fast but the highest download speed I've got it around 26Kb\s. Am i doing something wrong?

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    I've got dsl myself wich is comparable with broadband.
    And my dl aren't always going as fast as i want them to be,but 26kb is not a bad average,believe me.But you can expect yourself to much higher speeds when you got good sorces.I only had one source once wich gave me 200kb/s.
    Just be patient or look up a popular file and see what speeds you get.I think you'll like what you see!

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    look into news gourps or bittorrent if you want speed

    try taking a broadband test sounds like you just haven't got a good source or a popular file from lots of people

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    I am downloading popular files when i get those speeds about 20 soruces but shouldn't i be downloading faster?

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    It depends what broadband connection you have ...

    I have 576k sp can download at a speed of 60kb max ....
    Sounds like you have 256k ... so 26 sounds about right.

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    hmm accually i think i do hav 256 guess i'll be paying the extra 4 dollors to upgrade to 640 at least i think it was 640? well it was in the 600 range *shurgs*

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    max ive ever got on a bittorent download was 120, that was fun, but the tests show my connection is capable of a lot more, this test actually came out slower than another test i ran, but still

    bandwidth = 883.7 Kbps

    Thats with ntl 1mb connection, with bittorent d/l running

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    anyone how has cable or adsl should look into news gourps, so fast, you get the complete download bandwidth, its worth it, I wish I had knew how cool they are allot sooner

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    Hey muchspl are you a member of a news group? and do you pay for yours... cause id like to try out a news group but i don't want to pay. I rufuse to pay for downloads i can get free somewhere else!

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    no, I use my isp news gourps, you need to DL news bin ( ) then follow this guide,
    I was downloading within minuets, heres a good FAQ on them

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