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Thread: Limit Bt Download?

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    Hey all ... its great being able to limit upload if its effecting your download or surfing to much, but now the download speed is always high and its hard surfing while using BT. .... Any client which limits download speed? ... im using ABC at the moment.

    I'd rather not use a program like netlimiter either, a simple option on the client would be great.

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    Guess i should finish reading the post before I respond.
    *slaps his trigger finger(s)*

    Netlimiter is my first choice, but shadows BT client has an option in it to control u/d speeds.

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    i am notr ware of one that has such an option... usually one is happy with the speeds that one gets as torrents are always not so fast...
    Now, you could just limit the upload with Shadows client... make sure you have superseed off... and putt it on dial up.. that would slow it down allot, although what internet do you have??it should be able to do both... or you could always pause the download... just a few ideas... this is something that you might not get fully answered because of the fact that many are trying to be faster not slower, but good luck!!

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    guess what's the bad thing about netlimiter and limiting ul speeds ?

    if we all gonna use this dl speeds will drop dramaticly
    So at least keep torrents open after you finished dl


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