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Thread: Klite 2.6 Klchat Build

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    What do i have to do before i install klite 2.6? do i need the kazaa lite kp+++ before installing does klite 2.6 build 3 need that? or should i just install it and it will work full? i am under xp home? but DO I NEED ANYTHING TO KLITE 2.6 SO IT WILL INSTALLL AND WORK

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    Please read before posting, thanks.

    * Requires Windows 2000/XP/2003 To Run
    * This Program Adds All Needed Registry Keys - So A Earlier Version Isn't Required
    * It Is Recommended You Uninstall Older Versions Of Kazaa #KLchat build (and any other builds besides from K-Lite) Before Upgrading
    *It Is Recommended To Use Peer Guardian With Kazaa #KlChat Build
    * Required Runtimes - Get them from here:
    ::: mswinsck.ocx
    ::: tabctl32.ocx
    ::: comdlg32.ocx
    ::: richtx32.ocx

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    I already have readed that what do i need WHERE do i find peergaurdian and can i install it od d: and will i function as a update to kazaa lite kp+++ i got ver. 2.4.3

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    Its not an upgrade for 2.4.3

    This is a RC for K-Lite that works with V2.6 kazaa (which will not allow earlier versions of Kazaa or K++ to connect).

    If you have no problems with 2.4.3, then stay with that for now.

    The RCs are going very well in my opinion, however K++ 2.4.3 has all the tools integrated into the main program, which has not yet been achieved with this build

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