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    Somewere... AHEM.... I found Dungeon Seige CD1.iso.exe and Dungeon Seige CD2.iso.exe
    files. I am having problems with burning..

    It sais rename to ISO - I did.
    With Roxio it created unreadable disc;
    With Nero 5.5.9 it said Invalid file format;
    With Nero 5.5.10 -it also created unreadable disk

    File comment sais with Nero it will complain abit - correct to mode 2352???
    But Nero 5.5.10 never asked me about mods, it just burned it!

    Please, Help me.

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    When you renamed did you just remove the .exe or completely renamed the file to iso? You might want to try using Daemon Tool and create a virtual drive, mount the iso file and then burn disc to disc via Nero. I use that method and have not run into any issues.

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    What is Daemon Tool??

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    When i downloaded the game a long time ago i found this and it worked for me:

    Instructions for Burning Dungeon Siege CD-Roms

    I downloaded the  two Dungeon Siege  CD files that  are on Kazaa  - CD1 that  is
    724,427,760 in size and CD2 that is 742,686,336 in size.

    To make a long story  short, I tried to burn  these and got 3 coasters  before I
    finally figured it out.  So, in the hopes  of helping out others,  here's how I
    finally did it -- and got it to work.

    You  need to  rename the  files to  a "bin"  extension.  I  renamed the  ones  I
    downloaded to DungeonS-1.bin and DungeonS-2.bin

    Then, use Nero to burn these to regular 70 minute CDRs.  Here's how.

    Start up NERO.  Click  on "File", then on  "Burn Image".  Down at  the bottom of
    the window  where you  select the  "image" change  it from  "iso" to "Select all
    files" so that the files with the  "bin" extension show up.  Make sure you  have
    pointed Nero to where you have DungeonS-1.bin. 

    When you select  the "bin" file,  a dialogue box  will pop up  entitled "foreign
    image settings".  In the settings area, you need to change block size from  2048
    to 2352.  This will cause the "raw" box to become checked - and you should leave
    it checked.

    Hit ok and burn the CD.

    Then, repeat for CD2.

    I finally figured this out after making 3 coasters and Dungeon Siege works great

    Good luck.

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