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Thread: When Was This Forum Added?

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    yea well i want to kno where i can get dsl otr cable for cheapshit

    i herd that yahoo has dsl for 29.95 monthly with a 1 year contract. is that a good idea?

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    the section was added this morning. it looks like a moderator is currently moving a bunch of old threads into Internetworld, from other sections.

    as for $30 DSL-- in the u.s. you're prolly not gonna get a great discount on broadband internet from any ISP. that sounds like either a lower bandwidth package, or a temporary discount where you pay a low price for a few months and then the price goes up?

    depends on how much bandwidth you need, i guess. if you download lots of pr0n & stuff all the time, you'd wanna spring for a more expensive service package. but for games & web surfing, a $30 DSL package oughta be okay. yahoo's DSL service is actually provided by SBC (southern bell), so it's pretty reliable.

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    search around on the net and you'll probably find enough providers to compare,and see wich one's has the best service/price.The Yahoo stuff doesn't sound bad...if you think it's a trustworthy provider then why not do it?

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    what speed do they give you?

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    Tiscali is 15.99 a month only if youre in England i think
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    yeah but for 100K it isnt worth the trouble


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