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Thread: What Is Going On?

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    From what I'v eheard, KaZaA K++ MD 2.6 still installs spyware. And from what I'm reading, there still is work requiired by the user. Will there be an official Kazaa Lite K++ 2.6 anytime soon? With no spyware what so ever?

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    by loading it up with Dietk,it removes the spyware

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    KaZaA Lite K++ 2.4.3 still works perfectly for me; I don't know why everyone is making all these new, unofficial releases.

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    I tried the kmd 2.6 and the diet k 2.6 yesterday just to see if I could get more file search results or more sources and after setting up kazaa and then diet k,I ran diet k,it started going throught the list of all the crap kmd forces you to install(really a mind boggling amount).Thereafter I got nothing but illegal operations and lock ups after attempting to fire up kazaa via diet k.Before anyone asks if I did this first or that right,I followed the directions for setting it all up to the T as per dk chip himself.Plus,after searching my c/program files,altnet's folder with all there files was still in there as was a folder for "MyBar".So,I spent the next hour or so getting that buggy crap off my machine and I will never ever install kmd and diet k again.I reinstalled klite and everything runs without a hitch.The point I want to make is if a "real" klite 2.6 never materializes I will simply seek other alternatives for my file sharing needs,because running these "patch" type programs to make kmd run without those horrid ad software files is just not for me a good and lasting solution.I am a klite user and fan and I will accept nothing less than a true klite build update.No disrespect to all the hard work people are doing right now in developing "work arounds" to make klite 243 compatible with the 2.6 platform,I will wait quietly and hopefully for a klite 2.6.

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    The #klchat version isnt a 2.4.3 "workaround".

    No spyware etc, and is a V2.6 k-lite in development... hence RC ie "Release Candidate"...

    If you have no problems with 2.4.3, then stay with that, these RCs are for people that are having trouble with 2.4.3 now (which appears to be a lottery, depends upon how many of your supernodes have upgraded to V2.6 etc) and people that wish to help develope the program by testing/suggestions etc etc.

    I cant comment on "Kazaa Light Revolutions", as there has been a lot of talk but no substance so far.... If they have been developing, they appear to want to go straight in with a final program, without the advantage of a large testing userbase. The only thing i've seen are "we will be releasing soon" and similar posts.

    Makes me wonder why they havent contacted the obvious people that are developing so that ideas and programs can be standardised/integrated/'d think it was some kind of contest, rather than supplying a need

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    K++ v2.4.3 should work fine for now. Sadly Sharman have launched an offensive against the K++ which supposedly stops K++ v2.4.3 from connecting to anyone using Kazaa official v2.6. This is not too bigger problem at the moment as not many people are using the new client but as more and more download it K++ will effectively be force off the network only allowing K++ users to connect to each other.

    The latest releases from this forum (klchat etc) are an attempt to stop this by adapting the latest version of Kazaa (v2.6) to make it "lite" and (since its based on v2.6) prevent the kick off. As you have seen there is alot of development all at various stages but this will become more organized as it progresses and they will all become combined.

    Also note Sharman have prevented the K++ site ( from linking to K++ and there will be no further official development of K++ or any other build. The "unofficial" are in effect the official builds programmed and designed by forum users.

    As things stand you'll be fine with K++ v2.4.3. If you are interested in experimenting with the newer test builds (and can mop up any left over ad/spyware) then download and try them. If not stick with K++ and keep checking back for more stable versions of the new developments.

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    Wow, you guys are great! So many helpful replies so quickly! Thanks! Yeah, see I'm not the smartest PC user in the world (being 14 and all), so I didn't really understand what was happening. See, I really am happy with KLK++ 2.4.3, I just kinda wanted to get a new version. However, I don't really want to have eto clean up any left over spyware. 2.4.3 is fine until 2.6 Lite comes out. Now, does Random Nut have any part in this? will there be a true "official" K-Lite K++ 2.6.0? Long live K++, death to the RIAA and Sharman CEOs! I've loved K++, I can't wait for v2.6.0! Sharman can't stop us now!


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