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Thread: Read/writeprocessmemory() Failed

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    Hello...I have always been an avid Kazaa Lite user, then an even more for K++. I love the program, but have a problem. I just recently reformatted my computer, and re-installed my OS, etc... Now, I went to go run Kazaa Lite K++ 2.43 after installing it, and it gives me either the message "WriteProcessMemory() failed", or "ReadProcessMemory() failed". If anyone has any inclination as to how to solve this, please do tell. Also, In the help file it says you must set client server permissions to allow Kazaa Lite K++ to run or something, I deleted my DB folder before install and it still did not work...does anyone know what the problem could be?

    Anyone know the answer? Please?

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    I'm sorry to double post but does anyone know how to solve this, for I am going nearly insane not having a working P2P program.


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