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Thread: Help With Gta Vice City Audio

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    I recently finished d/ling GTA: VC off bittorrent and it works great, except for one BIG problem, no sound. The in game options says no audio hardware but that's totally not true (the intro video actually has sound).

    so right now I have no clue what I've done wrong, could it be something to do with the cd check removal I used (since the crack alone wasn't enough to rid myself of the ingame cd check, first time I've seen 2 in a game)

    Any help that you could give would be appreciated, my audio card right now is Creative Sound Blaster PCI

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    most likely you have downloaded the one with all the audio ripped out of it to make it smaller.

    You are going to have to download another rip of it. If its over 1gb, that should be the right one.

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    Boxes on

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    find the folder with all the audio file and if the file sizes of all the files are zero>>

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    i believe from my last install...


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    well the file size was 1561 mb I think and I looked in the audio folder before posting and they were all there and they worked so...

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    sorry for the double post but I double checked the torrent

    It's the most popular GTA Vice City d/l on suprnova, making me think that I've set up something wrong

    21-11 GTA - Vice City 1531 Mb posted by k12ock

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