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Thread: Damned Yellow Light

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    Can someone please tell me how to make the status light on shadows BT client to turn green? Besides forcing it? I forwarded all my ports in my router correctly.
    Is there something special I have to do in ZoneAlarm to fix it? It seems to stay yellow even if I close ZA.... any ideas?

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    Make sure you've turned of Windows firewall B)

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    I already forwarded my ports. I did a port scan fromPC Flank, and it can find the port, but it says it's closed. I don't seem to be having any real problems connecting, but the number of peers and seeds is depressingly low...

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    you could always use the option to force green light but it really doesnt matter if its yellow or not. i find my speed the same when its green or yellow

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    I find my speed much better when in greenlight then on yellow light.

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    Originally posted by james_bond_rulez@17 December 2003 - 03:04
    read this

    or u can read mine. depending on wat router u have:


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