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Thread: Multiple Source Download On

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    Reverse Connect is a P2P client. It uses DC++ as codebase and add below features :

    secure user identification to anti leechers
    search by file hash
    multiple sources download simultaneously
    memory mapping files

    If you use Reverse Connect with DC++'s queue.xml and unfinished download please note: Reverse Connect will extend temp file size to the final size when download start, so be sure your disk space is enough. If you want to back use DC++ again, DC++ can not resume Reverse Connect's unfinished download.
    Feature `rollback` is disabled
    Feature `antifrag` is disabled
    Reverse Connect force to use temp download directory. if not spedified, default one is used.
    Set proper `write buffer` could improve performance if you download too fast do not set it too large, 1024KB is enough for general use.
    If you found too slow connection, you should `remove from user queue` manually to save slots to other peers. Reverse Connection will do it for you in future version.
    Upload more for ever, Reverse Connect do not want to make Direct Connect network die.

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    I just downloaded it. I'm gonna mess with it and post back later. That was one of the only features about DC++ that I wished was more like Kazaa.


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