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Thread: Will This Interupt My Watching Video Files?

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    Removing Adobe Photoshop from my PC and I have a popup that reads;

    The file C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\pfc.sys may no longer be needed by any application. You can delete this file, but doing so may prevent other applications from running correctly. Select Yes to delete this file.

    I recall a while back I was having trouble watching flicks downloaded from K-Lite because of a popup that mentioned "System32". Will removing this give me problems viewing video? And if not, what type of applications are they talking about then? REALLY nervous about screwing up my computer. HELP

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    Many program share Dll files and System files, these files are either placed in the windows folder or the windows system folder or the windows system32 folder. If you feel that it will cause problems do not remove the file. It is not taking that much space anyway. That file is used by different CD Burners so if you have a burner, it may not work right after you delete it. I would just leave it. Or if you like make a backup of the file, noteing the location, then let the uninstall delete it and if something does not work after you delete it, at least you still have the file so you could put it back where it was.


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