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Thread: 2.6 Is Still On Beta

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    Who ever wants KMD 2.6 (NO SPYWARE) and lazy to find it in the forum here it is.

    Its on beta though build #4 thank you guys for the work.

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    Hopfuly people will look, tired of telling people that its there.

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    I heard that there was a KMD 2.6 with no (NO SPYWARE) ? Anyone know if that is true, and if it is, where I can go to download it?

    just jokin'.....great work guys!

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    Originally posted by Agent Smith@17 December 2003 - 17:16
    Hopfuly people will look, tired of telling people that its there.
    then just stop doing it. all topics on this forum are full of your reminders. starts looking like spam. old kazaa lite works fine, 3.7 mio people online, and it's not gonna change, so stop making new versions, they'll never be as good as kazaa lite, unless some experienced people will help with development, but in that case a new kazaa will again become too dangerous for sharman and will be shut down. so @everybody - just stay with old k lite and don't pay attention to these armageddon prophecies, k lite 243 will not be blocked.

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    Ok this stuff is pretty new to me so forgive my ignorence. Will there be a
    version of 2.6 that will work with Win98?


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