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Thread: Freezing Or Slow K Lite

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    Just when I thought that I'd fixed the problem..............

    My k-lites was freezing or stalling every time I entered a new command.
    It still was working, but EVERY new command was causing a stall , a "not responding msg or a error msg.

    I delated all the db files
    erased and re -loaded 2.4.3 a few times.
    I moved all my files in a temp folder.
    with an empty shared folder, I slowly re-loaded my old files a few at a time and played them.
    I then cleared the shared folder into another temp file called "Checked"
    When the system started to stall agian, I would delate the file that I just had re loaded and the problem seemed to go away.
    I finished reloading all the files that went from temp to shared to Checked.
    I delated maybe 10 files in the process that seemed to cause the system to stall.
    I then copied all the files from Checked in to my shared folder.

    I started up k-lite agian and the old problem returned.
    It stalls on each new command or I get a "Not responding" or error msg.
    It still works but needs to be closed and restarted all the time..............

    Any suggestions?

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    Have you done a full virus scan?

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    The same thing started happening to me earlier today. I have done a full virus scan with Norton 2004 Pro with the latest definitions and Kazaa is still freezing and going very slow. As Digby said it still works but this is a real pain in the ****!!!

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    • System Defrag.
    • Sweep with AdAware & Spybot.

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    I have used SpyBot, Ad-Aware, Registry Medic & Trojan Remover but to no avail.
    When this problem happens it makes my HDD go nuts and everything else stalls and runs slow also.

    BTW this only happens when Kazaa is connected, when not connected I can still search the web and the forum like I am now using the Kazaa interface.

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    Norton Anti Virus
    Spy bot
    I did them all................

    Still sluggish and getting the "Not responding" still but not as often.

    Could this be a single corrupt file that's casuing this?
    If so, how do I isolate this?

    Thanks for your continued help.......................

    ps. why in the open topic blue box that is next to my entry is there a little light blue square? it's the only one that i see????????????

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    Looks like the problem is fixed for me.

    It all happened when I started downloading Adobe Acrobat Professional 6. I left Kazaa running overnight (freezing and slowness wasn't goona bother me while I was in bed) and when I woke up the file had finished downloading. Now everything is fine and back to normal.

    I have no idea why that should cause a problem but it seems it was the only thing that could have caused it. Anyway im happy again

    Hope this helps with other people.


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    Not fixed yet.................
    Keeps freezing still and I'm getting the not responding msg.

    Any more suggestions, I've tried everything I know?

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    Originally posted by Occster@18 December 2003 - 19:35
    It all happened when I started downloading Adobe Acrobat Professional 6. I left Kazaa running overnight (freezing and slowness wasn't goona bother me while I was in bed) and when I woke up the file had finished downloading. Now everything is fine and back to normal.
    That may be a trojan/virus newer than your AV protects against.

    Check for strange processes running in the background.

    Also, run MSCONFIG and check the startup tab.

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    Even though it's doubtful but possible, your processor could be getting boggled down. With pre NT, 2000, and Xp windows had a unstable kernel problem therefore when the processor was overloaded or say ram was. Windows crashed, i am betting your running Nt,xp, or 2000. I can tell you whenever my processor gets over run, with tasks, processes ram etc. Kazaa or 2 other running programs that used lots of processor went not responding. I bet anything the ram or processor is being choked by everything running. Because sometimes kazaa lite for me can run up 50megabytes of ram. In plain english to explain it if you dont understand Windows 95, 98, 98SE Me, all had bad memory mangement if a program stayed in ram even after it was shut down, in these versions of windows. The process would still run as a safety preacaution. The NT kernel changed that with better memory mangement. Now in Nt-XP the program will lock up to prevent windows from crashing. When you disconnect, it puts less a strain on the processor. Because the downloads and searching does use ram. I hope that helps if you see this post again, I say when kazaa lite is running keep track of the processor useage kernel useageand ram hit control alt delete. To bring up the task manger. When kazaa lite aint running keep track as well. I bet ya you will see a difference, if anyone can put what i said into better english. I know im speaking technical terms.

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