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Thread: K-sig Problems - Quick Question---help Please

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    okay i want to say download these files from HERE and when i click them nothing happens. now this doesnt both me rly cause in k-dat u can past for clipboard when i copy the whole sig and click copy nothing happens. okay but i no i can enter manully., now when i enter manuly it asks for file size in bites.

    File:XIII.CD3.[].iso Length:573083648 Bytes, 559652KB UUHash:=YQD0Ua6AZKGx7Vzxl8RHCt789Gw=

    in that file would i input:

    and for the UUHASh do i include :=YQD...
    so do i include the := bit or not?

    thanks for the help.

    btw recently my sig2dat stopped working so im having to use k-dat for the first time but im no n00b im just no expert.


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    Get the older version of K-sig, cuz the beta has a hashing problem.

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    i didnt get anything. it was just the thing that came with kazaalite


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