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Thread: My Kazaa Lite Has Gone Nuts

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    I have had kazaa lite version 2.4.0 for a months now and I've been more then happy with it but last night I made a stupid mistake and tried to get this new KMD 2.6 thing and thats when it all started.....

    First of all it wouldn't open, it would just make an error noise and nothing would happen (there was also a toolbar in the top right hand corner of my screen for some reason), so I deleted this and tried to go back to my old one but for some reason it was reaaaaallllyyyyy slow and had loads of extra d/l's in traffic which i haven't seen in years, also the my kazaa lite bit would take ages to load and when i tried to open a file it would crash.
    So I then installed the slightly newer 2.4.3 but exactly the same thing happened (apart from the extra d/l's in traffic). The my kazaa lite bit loadsa bit quicker now but when i click on a file it doesn't playit in the theatre but it opens up real player or something like that which takes ages.

    Please please help me to get any of these versions working normally, I can give you more details if thats not clear enough.

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    also now when i try to open the old version (2.4.0) i just get an error message with 3 squares.

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    Try to uninstall again and remove all the remnants of Kazaa especially in your registry. Install again Klite 2.4.3 and update the Kl by Agent Smith.

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    Make sure you have up to date copy BEFORE you uninstall, otherwise you may not be able to get it. Run adaware or spybot, and use a reg cleaner to get rid of anything else.

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    Check for available HD space and do a defrag as well as other tips.


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