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    Hey guys,

    well, im starting to get a little impatient here. It seems that i have problems with almost every game i download. Well, if anybody knows how to fix these problems please post.


    (everybody, feel free to use this thread to post programs that arent working for you)

    1. Battlefield_1942.CD1.FLT.ShareReactor.bin and FLT-BFD2.BIN
    Problem: Error during installation-Specified component cannot be found in the media. An attempt was made to access a component that does not exist in the named media.

    What is the second CD for, or is it not even the right one??

    2.MOHAA_CD1.iso and MOHAA_CD2.iso
    Problem: Error during gameplay-Tried to read from a zip file newanim/models/human/animation/walks_runs/scared_run_intro_c.skc that was not open (single player mode, first mission)

    Hmmm, guess thats all for now, thanks again for any help

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    Check them with CDMage, do a google search for since i dont know the link yet.

    Maybe they got corrupted during the download. Try pausing your downloads everytime before you close kazaa this seems to make it less likely that the game has an error in the end.

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