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Thread: Getting Rid Of Quicktime..

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    Anyone know of an app that gets rid of Quicktime totally, so that the registry, everything is clear of anything that has to do with quicktime, so when I install it again it will only have what i installed? Thanks..
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    I use Registry Healer Always first - for quicktime type progs (simple registry entry)i would use it - get the serial or an older version with serial - seriously.

    If you got any really stubborn progs such as "symantics norton" youll need
    Registry Detective (free and Very Good)
    sorry no link
    search for - do not delete registry entries with run as or registry entries which do not directly STATE quick time in the Regedit prog


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    Just uninstall it through add/remove,delete any left over folders in program files & use somethig like jv16 powertools for qt reg entries.


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