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Thread: Bittorent Movie

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    i just downloaded a movie from bittiorent <tupac-resurrection.TAR 1,079,250 kb.

    I tried all media players but they dont support the file formant , i dont think its a fake because that was the only movie torrent for resurrection. My problem is i ned to know what to do with this movie to view it and possible burn it, thanks for your time and please like i always say dont send me to a link were i can get lost and confused.

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    A TAR is a compressed file like a ZIP or RAR. Get a copy of WinRAR and unzip it.

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    after that will the movies play?

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    ol i extracted the tar file , now i got alot of files with rar. then i got some with bin and cues what do i do with them?

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    hoq do i burn the bin or cue files?

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    problem fixed thanks for the one that helped and for the ones who didnt help u know who u are


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