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Thread: Halo

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    hi. i just downloaded Halo. It has 48 differenct files withflt-halo.sfv and flt-halo.nfo. the 48 files has no extension to it (ex:flt-halo.048). does anybody know how i can play this game?

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    right click, open with, choose winrar(if you dont have it, go download it)

    Edit: hehe i beat u to it einstein

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    d/l and install winrar, (do a google search for it) open it up then go the directory where u have the files. select the file with extension .001 and unzip. enjoy!

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    when i extracted using winrar, it came out with .bin and .cue files for each file. how do i burn them to a cd?

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    download alcohol 120 then, go to burn image find the cue then burn

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    or use Daemon Tools and just Mount em


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