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Thread: What The Hell Is This?

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    I was dl a movie from bit torrent so I left it running over night.

    I checked it at 12 and I noticed my nortfirewll and AVG7 icons
    do not appear. Their not running.

    so I restart my comp asap then...

    I checked my norton frwall log and it shows that it logged out at 10:19
    but I never turned my comp off since yesterday
    it also shows a LOT of invalid packets dropped from other comps between those times

    And my sched.daily scanner check did not run at all at 11

    is this normal?
    should I be worried?
    Did someone beat my firewall and NAT router and hacked my cmp?

    I'm running my AVG scanner now to look for anything.

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    you sure they did not lockup and terminate. sometimes software has a bad habit of crashing when you least expect it.

    then again i have also heard of many viruses that try to disable anti-virus scanners and firewalls.

    i think it is time to scan yourself with the latest virus definition.

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    This is horrible. You've got a bad experienced. Hopefully this will not happen to everyone. I'm sorry to hear that news.

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    I scanned my cmp and no viruses
    Im up to date with def so I hope nothing happened

    but there's no reason why my firewall and antivs logs when my
    cmp is still on and still connected through bit torrent.

    Also other programs from my sys tray that runs on start up was also disabled.
    the only thing that was still functioning from the sys tray was the vol setting
    and hardware ejection icon.

    something's not right.

    ne1 know how to make your cmp invisible over the internet with norton firewall?
    I tested it on websites and it says my firewall replies to packets instead of ignoring

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    zone alarm or zygate norton = teh lose

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    your router should be set to stealth all your ports. it really should not matter what firewall you have installed since nat is a natural firewall anyway.

    im guessing the programs just crashed if all your programs in the systray stopped.

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    is there a way to check if my router stealths my ports besides those websites
    that do port scans? How do I set it to stealth? I have a linksys dsl router.


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