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Thread: Opera Users

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    How the hell import the favourites from IE?

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    From the Opera site:
    "Importing Bookmarks from other Programs

    Platform: All Windows versions

    To import bookmarks to Opera 7 from other programs, go to File > Import and choose the program you want to import your bookmarks from. Now browse your way to the folder in which your bookmarks are located, and confirm to import

    Note! You might want to create or set an active folder in your Hotlist (F4) in which your bookmarks will be imported to.

    In addition to importing bookmarks, it is possible to merge the bookmarks you have aready got by using an external bookmark manager.

    A highly recommended bookmark managing program is "Powermarks" from Kaylon Technologies. Powermarks recognizes Opera and the new version has support for Opera's Hotlist, as well as Netscape Navigator's bookmarks and Internet Explorer's Favorites."
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