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Thread: What Has Happend To

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    Can anyone tell me whats happend to Razorback? it's dissappeared
    It is the best server on e-mule but it's been gone for days now!!!
    I can never seem to be able to connect easily to other servers they always seem to be full or something!!


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    i believe they are updating i think. Could be wrong.

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    razorback was actually taken out of service a month or so ago....
    I don't know who the new 'razorback' server belongs to, or if it's the same one.

    doesn't matter anyway, sparsely lives on SEDG

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    the servers are pretty good, razorback is a little more restrictive than them, and i never seem to get people uploading of me on razorback, while my que shoots up on

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    Bonjour je me présente, je m'apelle Edelweiss, je travail pour l'administration des serveurs qui héberge la machine " Razorback ", dans nos Locaux de Uccle, quartier de Bruxelles.

    Un des gérants techniques de la bécane à demander de passer donner quelques nouvelles du serveur sur le forum, ce que je m'apprete à faire.

    Le serveur , après verfication, n'est pas endomagé par le hardware, mais par un confllit entre la conection et le suport utilisé (Linux , et son server emule). Pour l'instant aucune solution radicale ne peut être faite, et le serveur ne peut renouveler son travail, une modification devrais survenir dans l' après midi, je tenterai de reinstaler un nouveau systeme, ainsi que la version d' Emule actuelle sur le serveur, et testerais la bécane en temps réel. Nous vous escusons des dommages que cela peut creer dans la communauté, et vous demandons d' être patients.


    Not sure if this is relevant, but heres some admin info. (Dec 8th).
    Sorry for it being in french.

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    Count me as another vote for SEDG. It's my first choice when not full.
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    animereactor for me

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    Im on Razorback right now. Im using eMule Plus 1i, so it really dun matter to me

    I couldnt connect to Raz last night, I almost deleted it in anger
    but it has served (lol) me faithfully for many months now, so I have kept it. And w00t w00t, its back!
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    Phew!!!! Its BACK now!!


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    yep working here too.


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