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Thread: Nooob At Emule

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    ok... so.. is it fast like mirc and bitttorent ???
    is it filled wit ad and spyware ????????
    do u get files easily ??

    plzzz reply....

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    depends but your likely to get quicker speeds for single files on bt,and mirc
    depends how you mean and how you set it up

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    1. No, but on BT you prolly won't find rare files, on ed2k you can get almost everything. On eMule you'll need patience.
    2. No
    3. Yes, most games and movies can be found at sites like, wich make download links for you in eMule. After you add the file to your download list all you have to do is wait.

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    Originally posted by fatality@18 December 2003 - 16:05
    is it filled wit ad and spyware ????????
    Spyware no.
    Adware there r some network mods that have adware, but not "eMule" mod.
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