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    Hey, I'm just in the process of upgrading my computer and I was wondering if any of u nice people could give me a bit of advice about the wisdom of my hardware choices.
    I've got round about 400 to spend on mboard, ram, cpu, graphics card and I'm basically trying to get the best gaming computer i can for that,
    I'm not sure if I've balanced things up properly in my initial attempt, basically can someone glance through what i'm thinking of and check if I'm stupidly spending money on some parts that are gonna be let down by my other choices, it would be greatly appreciated.

    What i've thought of so far

    Athlon XP 2400 [120]
    2x 256Mb of DDR266 ram [75]
    Connect3d Radeon 9500pro (128Mb, AGP 8x) [135]
    Asus A7N8X Deluxe capable of: 3Gb of dual DDR400, AGP 8x, and has the nforce2 533Mhz FSB, Serial ATA and has loads of other stuff like lots of USB2. Overall I'm not TOO worried about future upgradability since i haven't done much of that with my current computer, but i would like Serial ATA . [120]

    Thank you so much!!!!

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    You have a great computer.
    Just some notes (thoughts),
    What about your computer's Hard Disk. If the speed is lower than 7194 RPM I recommend that your buy your self a faster HD.
    What about your motherboard's speed. I've 2,4 Ghz (Intel) processor but my motherboard has a maximum speed of 1,8 Ghz. Perhaps checking yours.
    I also have 2 chips of 256MB PC266/2100 DDR RAM, I think 1 chip of 512MB is better but money is and stays a problem.

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    You Fool(I mean that in a nice way )
    you have superior equipment.
    anything you buy right now to upgrade would be very over priced.!
    wait till maybe doom 3 comes out and the next round of everything comes out.

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    IS THIS A JOKE, ??

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    Your ideas are pretty sound. Save a few dollars by getting 1x 512Mb ddr and also save a ram slot. Check out Nvidia video cards too... Geforce 4 ti series.

    Make sure you have a powerful enough power supply. At least 350 watts... preferably more.

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    Forget GeForce 4. Radeon 9500/9700 kicks ass, and it's about the same price.


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