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Thread: Finally The Riaa Can Have Justice

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    Finally the RIAA can have justice
    Found a news clip that seemed to be avoided by the mainstream.

    Sunday, December 14, 2003 Posted: 3:46 PM EST (2046 GMT)

    WASHINGTON, USA (NotCNN) -- After months on the run from coalition forces, a disheveled Saddam Hussein was found hiding in a hidden hole near a farmhouse and was captured without firing a shot, coalition authorities announced Sunday.

    This announcement triggered a flurry of activity at the Recording Industry Artists of America’s (RIAA) Washington head quarters. In a suprise announcement by RIAA Chairman and CEO Mitch Bainwol and Bradley Buckles former director of the ATF and head of the RIAA Anti-Piracy division both stated that justice can finally be served. It turns out that just before Iraq was occupied by coalition forces the RIAA in it’s crusade against the so-called P2P or file sharing community found that the ousted Iraqi dictator had been providing hundreds of copyrighted songs for download by anyone over the internet.

    In a statement today Bainwol stated that Saddam had been sharing files on the Kazaa network under the alias “Big_PiMpIn_DADDy_Say_DAM” from his former Baghdad palace. “The reason action was not taken before combat actions commenced in Iraq are two fold.” Bainwol said in a written statement. “We had not yet retained a legal firm in Iraq and were asked by the Pentagon to delay any actions for National Security Reasons”. Buckles then went on to state that the RIAA is currently preparing a motion to be presented to the Justice Department calling for the “immediate and uncontested release of Saddam and computers belonging to him before the war”. Justice Department spokesman John Quiggly told NotCNN that Saddam would have to answer for war crimes, atrocities against man and the indiscriminate murder of millions before any other legal actions would take place.

    In a rebuttal sent to the Justice Department the RIAA argued that while atrocities committed by Saddam and his regime were “unfortunate” and probably should not be taken lightly, “the heinous and society destroying act of file sharing must take precedence over any alleged war crimes the former Iraqi leader may have committed”. “I’m just completely flabbergasted that the United States Government, the recipient of tens of millions of our lobbying dollars, would even think about putting the people’s interests above ours.” Buckles stated. Bainwol added that “We are trying to make society safer and are looking out for the best interests of the consumers.” When asked for specific examples of how society has been protected Bainwol cited the recent lawsuits of the 12, 15, and 66 year old terrorists discovered and sued by the RIAA. “These terrorists were aiding in the undermining of the very foundation of our society and we were instrumental in bringing them to justice.” Buckles stated.

    When asked what files were being shared by Saddam from his palace, a RIAA spokesman under condition of confidentiality stated that he seemed to like Yahni and the Backstreet Boys a lot.

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    now i know where the guys at RIAA belong...... a cheap mental institution

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    lol. stupid RIAA shitheads, sucking dog balls all day long. lol


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