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Thread: Cannot Access This Forum

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    Whenever I have Shareaza running, I can never seem to be able to access this forum. My browser just hangs, regardless of whether I use Internet Explorer or Firebird, and the page never appears.
    All other websites seem to be fine though, it's just this forum. So do you think that maybe Shareaza tries to block access to the K-Lite forum?

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    Shareaza wouldn't try to block the forum, it's not like that.

    Try looking here:

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    I've read that and it doesn't apply to me. I use Windows XP, not 95 or 98. And I have already set the maximum upload to 80%.
    All other websites are fine, it's just this forum that I cannot access when I'm on shareaza.

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    nothing to do with blocklists?

    i believe the ip for the forum is
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