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Thread: Help...cannot Connect To Seed

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    I've been tryin to finsh this file for hrs....well not actually, but its been at 0-1kb d/l 50-u/l for way too there anyway I can connect to the seed and finish the file so I can watch it (Dorian Yates: Blood and Guts vhs-rip...for those of you who know) there anyway that I can at least preview it? None of my players work...I tried avipreview, wmp, bsplayer, videolan.

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    i had this too a few weeks ago. But after two weeks someone came in and it was finished! Sometimes just let the torrent run, a lot will finish someday....

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    I think I read somewhere that I could watch the file even if its incomplete...true or fasle?

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    For some movies, if you copy the almost complete movie to the desktop then it will work.

    I have done that a couple of times. It just depends what is missing.

    You may also be able to play it in avipreview with some parts missing. You just have to give these methods a try.

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    Click on "manual announce" this sometime works to connect to more of the peers/seeds on a torrent for me

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