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Thread: Why In The @@@@

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    Why everytime i do a search it jumps supernodes.I don't have auto search on as soon as i click to search it jumps everytime the first time i search.This just starting happening 2 days ago.It's annoying as hell as it don't connect to a new supernode everytime and i have to keep restarting k lite.

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    If you dont already know Sharmans networks is kicking the current version of k-lite off the network, it has used DCMA to get the listing of k-lite removed from the front page, klchat is a cleaned version of the latest 2.6 version with the add ons on the tool bar build while it's not k-lite its getting there.

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    Excessive searching will cause a Supernode to kick you automaticaly also a Supernode can transfer you to another Supernode to continue your search

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