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Thread: Windows 2000

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    Ok,I'd like to know if anyone can tell me if my theory would work.I have a 4 gig hard drive and running win 98se,no cd burner.I would like to upgrade to win 2k but I don't want to simply install over my present os,I want to format and install clean,but I don't have a win 2k cd.So, can I use partition magic to create another drive,say drive E,install win 2k to drive E,format drive C,which is my win 98 partition,and then simply remove the partition afterwards to have a single drive with my clean win 2k install.I already downloaded partition magic 8 and if this could work I'll start looking for a good copy of win 2k to download,but I'm not gonna try it until I get some feedback from someone who knows if this could work or not.Appreciate any help,thanx

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    to much hassle, just get a good copy of 2k

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    im sure youll know someone with a fast connectiona nd a cd burner, get them to get win2k of emule, and burn it for you,

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    I created a bootable Windows XP Installation CD slipstreamed with SP1 from an upgrade version of XP. Same thing should be able to work with Windows 2000 although I haven't tried it. I had to do it this way because I was unable to find a bootable copy but if you do find an ISO of Windows 2000 Pro that is bootable you do have the option of formating your drive upon installation.


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