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Thread: Best For Your Buck

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    Hey im looking for a decent video card. Though i dont want to spend too much. Nothing superpowered but something to play all the games fairly well. Though anythnigs better than my crappy voodoo 3 that can barely play any games

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    u can ebay this 1: voodoo 6

    if u find anything at all it would probly be no less than 2000 bucks as only 1000 were made b4 3dfx declared its doom

    its performance is equivalent to a radeon 9600xt (approx)

    3dfx devoted all of its r&d to it and thats why it went bankrupt

    it came out in 2k i think, not exactly sure

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    under 100 preferably, im really not lookin for a superchip , jsut soemthing that can play the games, and im enver buyin another vodoo, no support , and only crappy 3rd person companies

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    right now for uner 100, u can get a 9600 or a fx5600...most ppl tell u to go w/ the 9600

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    word, anythnigfs better than my 16 mb voodoo

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    anythings better than my geforce fx 5200

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    Does this sound good for $99? Sounds good to me but im a noob when it comes to the finer points of hardware. Im also worried the rest of my comp wont be able to keep up.

    ATI RADEON 9200 128MB DDR AGP Graphics Card

    Model: 100-436006

    Product Details
    Warranty Terms - Parts 3 years limited
    Type of Video Card Graphics
    Video Compression NA
    Video Format MPEG-1, MPEG-2
    Video Memory 128MB
    Maximum 2D Resolution (at 32-bit color) 2048 x 1536
    Maximum 3D Resolution (at 32-bit color) 2048 x 1536
    Megapixels/Megatexels 1.1 billion pixels/sec
    Number of Polygons per Second 16.7 million
    Number of Processors 1
    Software Included CATALYST 3D acceleration, HYDRAVISION multimonitor management
    Stereo Sound No
    Supports MPEG-1, 2 Yes
    S-Video Output No

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    y are u going to buy that for 99 dollars put in a extra $10 and get a fx5600 or 9600 from newegg

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    the 9600 is listed for $129 im not sure bout the other, how much better is the 9600 than the 9200

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