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Thread: Video Editor

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    i wanna make a video production , see i got all these video clips and i wanna join them together to make a big one. But thats not all i want, i can just get a mpeg joiner or sumthin but what i really want is to edit the videos, so instead of just playin one after another i can make them fade in and out and i want to take sections of clips and put them in front of other clips, i also want to add audio, so does anyone know what tool or tools i need to do this?

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    adobe premier.

    now next time do a search or look around, its been covered

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    well i did search but i couldnt find nothin, but will this allow me to add music? on top of my videos, and i wanna freeze sections and put into slow motion and replay for dramatic affect, can i do this with adobe?

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    yea man...Adobe Premiere is THE video editor...its a professional tool used by most people... you should look for tutorials though, its not a piece of candy


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