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Thread: No Language Bar ....

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    Ok, this is strange.
    Got systran to do me french coursework ....
    Got microsoft office 2003 for speech recognition ...
    Installed speech, appears in control panel, but when I tried to hsow the language bar, it doesn't appear! ... nothing at all happens when I enable the toolbar through right-clicking the taskbar and in regional and language options im unable to click the language bar button under preferences because its greyed now. So something must have removed it ...

    Anyone know how to re-install the language bar?
    Will scansoft naturally speaking rewquire it too?


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    fucking smurfland y'idjit
    Did you opt to install the language bar when you installed Office? I've done installs and left that out before.
    if your font size is this small i'll add you to my ignore list because you're wasting my time, OK?


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