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Thread: Download Times

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    I'm just getting started on this P2P thing and I may be doin something wrong. The download times for the songs I've chosen range anywhere from one hour to 60 hours. I'm thinkin that's not the way it's supposed to work. Anybody?

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    Hi BRider!

    Hopefully you are using Kazaa Lite and hopefully you have turned on your "Accelerator" located under "KL Extensions."

    Reset the accelerator to suit your needs, depending on the speed of your modem connection. I have altered my settings to read: Time between cycles 45 seconds, time between items 20 seconds and skip item if download speed is above 20.00kbs. If you are at 56k then leaving the defaults will be okay. I am basing my settings on a broadband connection.

    Other than that, there are two things that you should be aware of, one you can control, the other you cannot ...

    1. Your modem connection speed (if you are at 24 - 56k then you're screwed, but you can still download at 30 minutes to an hour per song).

    2. The connection speed of others (this you can control to an extent).

    Once your search is completed, you can click on the columns and sort your results by title or bandwidth. Choose only the sources offering your selection in the highest bandwidth available that you can find.

    My connection speeds typically run anywhere from 15kbs - 120 kbs. If I connect to someone who is yielding less than 4kbs (yes, sometimes it happens) I disconnect after 1 or 2 minutes.

    Happy downloading and make sure to update your Peer Guardian daily!!!

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    Not to forget:

    *Number of availlable (online) users on file on your supernode.
    *connection type and specs of users you're downloading from.
    *users logged in your dat (download) file that you can't download from because their behind routers.
    *your own ISP holding you back.
    *and lots, yes lots more.

    Try KaZuperNodes to check your current SuperNode's status.
    K-Dat to check your sources.
    IP Blocker to block bad IP's.
    Try downloading just one file that gave you 25 sources/users and see what happens. Ones you started the download press "Search More".

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    Activate your accelerator.


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