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Thread: Swedish K++?

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    Im not very in to the k++ world.... But I got some questions..

    1) Enyone got a link to a swedish version of k++?

    2) If I have understanded it right, the klite is no longer aviable on the net, but who makes the new versions? Is it just fans? And howcome the owners of the network doesn´t block it somehow?


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    If you look at this site, there is a link to a Swedish version there.
    K-Lite is still available on the Net, from people who are brave enough to continue hosting it!

    If you look in the Development section, you will see many members of this board are helping to develop a K-Lite for version 2.6

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    If you are currently using Kazaa, you can download the Swedish version of Kazaa Lite. Then just uninstall your Kazaa, delete the directories it leaves, reboot and install Kazaa Lite Swedish version.

    There will be no newer versions of Kazaa Lite, however other programs may emerge in the not to distant future. B)

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    You better use the English version, because the Swedish one was poorly translated.


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