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Thread: Kazaa Make No Breach Of Copyright

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    Internet service KaZaA has committed no breach of copyrights. The Supreme Court in The Hague has decided that Friday in cassation. The Internet service cannot be loved responsible for broken the
    copyright, because it only music offers.

    First country the judgment does not come as a surprise. Procurator-General Verkade let in its recommendation to the Council
    already know that KaZaA cannot be addressed on violation. The Netherlands is the first country where the highest judge has
    pronounced himself concerning offering software exchange files.

    Two years money the court stipulated still that KaZaA made themselves,
    however, guilty to breach of copyright. The Internet site was then obtained by order of a penalty payment of
    Internet. In appeal the Court of Justice in Amsterdam did not decide that the
    Internet service, but the customers guilty would make themselves to breach of copyright.

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    yes, sure - using of kazaa itself isn't illegal - depends on what ppl share.


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