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Thread: Win Mx Question(s)

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    Ive decided to give winMX a try as an alternative to K lite, and im in the process of accumulating as many G n R live albums as i can find. WinMX has some great stuff which is near impossible to find on K lite but i cant make sense of the programme. For instance, when i click a file, it goes into the d/l screen as queued. But when i come to check on its progress the file name now has no status and is red in color. Does this mean that there are no users for the file so i should delete it, or if i leave it then it will find sources? also, what do the AFS and AEQ options mean?

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    I've been using WinMX for as long as I can remember... so hopefully I can help here... The thing to remember is this. 95% of files will be mp3. Don't try and use WinMX as an alternative to what you used before.

    As for your questions...

    Ensure if you're on broadband, you are connecting via the second option on the startup screen 'Make a primary connection to the network'. 56k users will need to click on the 'Make a secondary connection to the network'.

    When items in your download/transfers area are shown as read, you are correct in saying they're are no sources to get this information. If it is another colour, for example blue, it is possible it is in a queue. You can normally tell if it's worth downloading by looking at the file before commencing download. The more users the better. Bitrates of 192 are probably the best to download.

    Although WinMX is designed to recommence downloads that are in red, if it's a remote song it might be wise to delete it and do another search another day.

    AFS - Auto Find Sources: Checks every x minutes for sources that have either logged on to the network since last update. I have mine set to 15 minutes
    AEQ = Auto Entry Queue: I have forgotten what this feature does, but again, mine is set to 10 minutes.

    Hope this helps,


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    wodoodporny - give a try to DC++, offical site -

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    win mx rocks and no its not for mp3s just as kazaa is not realy for mp3s
    if u want music use soulseak its a lot better at music then kazaa or win mx

    asicly win mx is a enhanced version of kazaa with better errior detection and with errior corection ( kazaa has no errior corection) al so it has the ablity to share files that are icompleat so file propergate much faster then on the fast track network

    both win mx and kazaa are more suted to large files like programs and videos
    win mx is a much beter program for large dls then kazaa but the search is not quit as good as kazaa lite but about the same as KMDs

    as for mp3s use soul seak its has a central server so searchs are the best of any file shareing client thats out at this time since every file on its in the servers data base searchs are vary fast and acurit. only thing is SS wont do multi sorced dls u can only get a file from 1 user at a time but since its just music and music files are so small it wont make much diffrence

    the fact is i have deleated kazaalite from my system as its old tec now and cant keep up with win mx and klite has turned in to bloat ware i cant beleve all the garbag of bell and wisales that these idiots have stuffed in to klite now be sides kazaa has all way been to much haveing a media player (the worst one i ever seen) and its propritray database

    basicly if u like kazaa ull love winmx welcome to the future of fileshareing


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