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Thread: Copy Protected Dvd To Divx / Xvid

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    Asked many times in the past but not by me.

    What is THE program to copy css protected dvd's to divx / xvid files to store as 'backups' on my hard disc / cd / dvd. And while your at it I want to watch other regional dvd's on my set regional pc dvd player.

    There has to be something out there? Surely

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    yes very simpel

    I preferr gordian knot

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    buddy the link doesn't work. Page cannot be found?

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    dead link

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    I must be simple because when I click on it I am directed to
    And if I type it in direct as the page can not be found.

    Now what's that about?

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    I missed the joke

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    Found the answer myself if anyone's interested.

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    Use a program like DVD Decrypter. Or an all-in-one package such as Gordian Knot.


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