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Thread: Win Xp Start Button

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    Hi everyone
    i'm not quite new to K-lite but new to this forum, i am indeed.

    i'm looking for a cool app that will allow me to change the win xp start button i wanna make it blue not green....does such a thing exist?

    i really don't wanna mess with my registry or hex edit explorer.exe, hope there's something out there that does this automatically


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    Right Click On Desktop>PropertiesAppearance> then select what you want

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    Pirater, the only choices are olive and silver there...i wanna make it royal blue

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    I see why you want to do through program, it wont be a hassle with it.

    I will look for a good one.
    In the meantime you can try seeing how to do it manuallythrough this

    Read the whole thing before trying.
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    cheers I.Am
    reading it....

    i came across this one

    but no one seems to be sharing it so far...


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