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Thread: Fair Game

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    Anyone know of that movie: FAIR GAME?

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    Originally posted by KCE@20 December 2003 - 05:23
    Anyone know of that movie: FAIR GAME?
    A Florida attorney with a gang of ex-KGB thugs on her trail hooks up with the detective assigned to protect her in this explosives-heavy production from Joel ("Lethal Weapon," "Die Hard") Silver.
    Kate McQuean is a babe of a lawyer, with the face and body of a supermodel. Unfortunately, some ex-KGB assassins want to see her dead, so handsome, macho Florida cop Max Kirkpatrick is assigned to protect her. The two strongly dislike each other at first, but after being chased, shot at, and nearly blown up numerous times, contempt turns into love. But if their romance is going to last, the sexy pair must find a way to foil their dogged, deadly pursuers.

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    yea cindy crawford has some nice t33t33s there


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