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Thread: How To Set An Intranet Community That Uses Kl++ ?

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    I want to use KL++ 2.4.3 as a file-sharing tool among users on the same intranet. What is the best approach for such application? Can you explain the step by step installation procedure.

    I am using a router with firewall (DLink-604) which is connected to an ADSL modem.

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    do you wish to share files exclusively between the people on the intranet, or do you wish for everyone on the intranet to have access to the kazaa network?
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    I prefer to share files with Internet users too &#33;&#33;&#33;

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    install klite, tell your firewall to allow or filter kpp.exe and klrun.exe,

    open klite and go to Options>klite options>firewall>here you see the port you are using, take that port and forward it in your router

    get kanat and run kanat i belive you can get it here

    then go to c:drive>my shared folder> in here what ever you put will be shared

    once klite connects you are sharing


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