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Thread: Has Ssl Been Cracked/hacked?

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    Mr. Julian Asthon claimed in a recent chat that he has in fact broken the SECURE SOCKETS LAYER (SSL) Encryption and holds "the keys" to all SSL.

    He also warns that "SSL is something of the past".

    Click here to see J. Ashton's claims of cracking SSL

    After doing some checking, and getting the response of hundreds of p2pr's worldwide, it appears that J. Ashton lied with the help of

    J. Ashton, creator of POISON, the MAC APP that connects to KAZAA, cannot hack / crack SSL. But then the real question remains what is his agenda? Why did Ashton say this crap in the first place? (I mean wtf, PAYPAL, and every bank in the world uses SSL/HTTPS so I mean who is Ashton kidding??)

    Do not trust this shady person. He continually is making an ass out of himself and it is rumoured that he does in fact work for the RIAA. He does NOT deny working for DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT! His Mac program POISON is in fact a DRM tool that can be accessed via backdoor by him, his friends or even the RIAA. So be careful.

    On a different bug traq, Julian Ashton is over on Slyck now slamming Edonkey.

    On Bugtraq he's succeeded in embarrassing himself again by posting about an Edonkey non-bug.

    His non-bug is basically that any Edonkey plug-in can be a virus. That's true of any program you download. There isn't anything that makes Edonkey plugins any different from anything else you get off the Net.

    Remember, his program Poisoned uses the giFT code, something you can download for free from He himself didn't write any of the networking code. All he did was slap a Mac Graphical Interface on top of it.

    The Edonkey network which has been running for YEARS without problems, suddenly now has a vulnerability because J. Ashton says so.

    Remember, if you want to HELP p2p programs to get better, you inform the author of the program about a bug, and only if the author doesn't FIX the bug, do you make it public. Random Nut and Julian Ashton don't do that. Their first action is to publically embarrass p2p developers and scare users. They are trying their best to destroy p2p applications.

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    As far as I'm aware, SSL uses public-key encryption which cannot really be cracked as such.

    Public-key encryption uses two keys; a public key and a private key. The public key is broadcast freely and is used to encrypt data; however only the private key can decrypt the data. In SSL both computers have seperate public keys and private keys. These are different all the time.

    The private keys are never broadcast, and to reverse the formula used for encryption (and deduce the private key from the public key) requires a very complex factorisation, which takes a lot of time even for a computer and is different every time.

    So (as long as my understanding is correct) I doubt it.


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