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Thread: Looking For A Good Firewall!

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    Hi, i am looking for a good firewall that works with xp and kazaa and that doesnt take long to load or takes lots of ram. Post your favs. Thanks

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    find one then Google type 10 best firewalls or sumit!! why ask here?? lol

    i find theres a few annoying firewalls out at the moment i would say get somthing simple they all do the job somthing bout 4 1/2 meg shud work nicely

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    i use sygate personal firewall pro. it works just fine for me. get it off kazaa. may need the serial for it, cant remember if supplied with it, if not, it`s on serials2k with updates

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    I use Norton Internet Security and Kerio Firewall. Kerio's a good firewall and on top of everything it's free you can download it from the makers.

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    I like Zone Alarm, free version. Its easy to set up and its free, the legal way....hehe

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    Originally posted by nectros@20 February 2003 - 04:58
    Zone Alarm, free version. Its easy to set up and its free
    Thats a good one for free.

    Or the favorite Norton which you could pay for (Yeah Right)

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    I use ZoneAlarm Pro... there's the free version and then you can always DL a serial off of kazaa and upgrade it to the full version. Of course you still can't get any updates unless you shell out a whopping $12 or something like that. That's my 2 cents, I just really prefer full versions over free shareware versions.

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    why do you have to shell out 12 bucks?

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    I personaly use Norton Firewall and Norton Antivirus 2002.
    And it dosnt eat much RAM.

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    i personally use Mcafee Firewall ,or in worst cases Zone Alarm Pro ....( just kiddin) ..u can go ( thats is if u prefer free versions without shellin out heavy bucks ) ... sygate personal firewall ,kerio ( as one of said) or zone alarm basic version ) or if u prefer ilegal ..( lol) ..u can off kazaa for zone alarm pro ( i loaded frm kazaa) or mcafee ( frm same location) ...or bigger heavier RAM'ers can go Norton Internet Security ..but it hangs up man ..LOwer RAM's Bware ...tell me if u get helpeed ...

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