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Thread: Here Is A Real Tweak To Speed Up Ie

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    here you go dude


    In my internet tweaks I suggest using a .reg file, to make it is very easy. Just hold your left mouse button down and highlight the information to use (DO NOT highlight the *****begin copy and paste***** & *****end copy and paste***** lines, just the information). Once it's highlighted click your right mouse button and select copy then open notepad and right click again and select paste, the information is now in notepad. Now select file - save as and name it whatever you like (for simplicity use dnscache.reg) just make sure you add the .reg extension to it and save it to a location of your choice. Open the location where you saved it and right click on it and select merge then reboot for it to take effect.

    oh and next time make sure you know what your doing before modifying your registry. see newbies have the title newbie for a reason!

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    ok that hurt. Noobies just haven't spent as much time as all y'all sooperdoodes posting replies. B)

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    i didn't mean it like that

    see the guy didn't follow directions and couldn't get his computer back to the way it was before he applied the tweak that was his own fault if he had followed directions he wouldn't have had to asked how to get it back to the way it was.

    i was referring to the newbies thing because thats a newbie mistake and i should have said so but i meant newbie in regards to computers in general
    any experienced computer user knows that before you do anything you have to back it up first or be able to get it back the way it was before you did what you did.

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    I tried this tweak and found it not to work. I just restored it to its original settings

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    thats one thing about tweaks, they may work for some and not others.
    always back-up before trying any tweaks!

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    Make a reg restore for any IE value simple, if using IE 6 just go to add/remove programs and click repair.

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    read lower region on page first

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    useless, sorry to say but i didn't even have it....

    thanks anyway

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    I tried this tweak and found that it did work.

    In my house I have four computers connected through a lan. One of the computers has a DSL modem along with ICS enabled. The other three machines connect to that computer via lan to get to the internet. I tried this on one of the computers that connected to the internet through the lan. The computer I tried this tweak on is also running Win2000 pro with service pack 3, well all four computers are running Windows 2000 pro.

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    hey thats what its all about if it works for some then it serves a purpose.

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