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Thread: Basic Resources For A Website

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    Basic Resources for a Web Site
    Version 1.2 FRE[SP]3KZ

    Getting Webspace
    You first need to get some web space. Sometimes you can get some free webspace from your ISP, but if you don't, try this website: for a listing of loads of FWPs [Free Webpage Providers] and if they want ads on your page or not, and so on.

    If you're in the UK and you need to get some decent paid space, you can get some cheap domains and webspace from 1&1.

    If you land up with a FWP that gives you a really long URL such as
    http :// /MemberStreet/38423 /~john.smith/ [or maybe shorter ] then consider getting a redirector. There are some good ones out there, but the best [in my opinion, correct me if you think I'm wrong] are:The next thing is if you want to be contacted by visitors to your site is to get
    an e-mail address. You can get a free POP3 e-mail address from Portland Communications.

    Getting to grips with HTML
    If you don't know HTML, try tutorials at Page Resource. They have very simple tutorials for newbies and oldies to help you take the plunge.

    Uploading your files
    If you want to download a program to upload then try WS_FTP. Their LE version will be appropriate. It can be found at

    If you want to upload without a FTP program go straight to Net2FTP, which can be found at, or an alternative can be found at

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    Update 28-Mar-2004:
    • Burntmail has been removed due to asking for payments now
    • Portland free POP3 mail addresses added
    • Removed, was down permanently
    • Removed, software out of date
    • Updated version number to 1.1
    • Added two more redirectors: and
    • Added links to HTML tutorials

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    Update 11-Apr-2004:
    • Added link to 01FTP
    • Added link to 1&1
    • A bit of minor tweaking
    • And whoops, I almost forgot - Updated version to 1.2

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    Update 02-May-2004:
    • Just a bit more tweaking...

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