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Thread: Getting An Oldie To Work

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    I'm trying to run Wing Commander Privateer on XP using Dosbox - I'm getting good results with other games , but when I run the game I get the message :

    "protected mode driver is not responding to EMS function calls. Make sure your EMS driver is not configured with the NOEMS option. If it is , replace the 'NOEMS' option with 'RAM'."

    Does anyone know what this means ?

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    Well I know what it means but don't have XP somewhere (maybe "dos box") find the line with ems in it normally it looks abit like this :-
    C:&#092;Windows&#092;Command&#092;Emm386.exe NOEMS <change that to RAM.

    But don&#39;t forget if all the others are running fine you will have to change back for them to run,best thing is to make a copy of both and just drop in the one for which ever game you play.

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    Searched dosbox and didn&#39;t find any mention of NOEMS. The config file has both EMS and XMS support set as "true" ( EMS<->NOEMS ?) so I&#39;m guessing it should work ... except it doesn&#39;t.
    Couldn&#39;t find c:&#092;windows&#092;command either...must have overlooked ...

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    Turns out Privateer generally refuses to budge on anything Windows - related.
    There&#39;s a patch to make it work - somewhat - but support stops at 2k/XP.

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    goto command prompt and run if from there, XP doesnt understand DOS like 98/ME does, it reads it different...thats why u cant "double-click" it and it runs...

    goto dos and run it from there...
    ---basic commands
    dir--shows directy
    cd XXX---changes to that directory (replace xxx with name of dir.)
    cd..--goes bac a dir
    if you can read pictures, that should kinda help you

    if that helps any

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    Thanks for the tutorial - I&#39;d already figured out XP doesn&#39;t like DOS games , which is where dosbox comes in (basically a DOS emulator). Starting WC from the command prompt didn&#39;t change anything , though...

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    Try a bootdisk this is what we use to use for "ram" gear problem is XP as its not a fat32 file system don&#39;t think a Win98/me boot would work because you more than likely won&#39;t see your drive,any help there someone.


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